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Дата: 12.12.2013 г.
Комментарий оставлен : ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД ҐС©`Ґ«©`
Комментарий: Ў°I was dismayed when he went out. HeЎЇs ill, you know, and in such weather, and so late! I thought it must be for something important; and what can be more important than what you know of? I thought this to myself, but I didnЎЇt dare to ask. Why, I darenЎЇt question him about anything nowadays. My goodness! I was simply terror-stricken on his account and on hers. What, thought I, if he has gone to her? What if heЎЇs made up his mind to forgive her? Why, heЎЇs found out everything, he knows the latest news of her; I feel certain he knows it; but how the news gets to him I canЎЇt imagine. He was terribly depressed yesterday, and today too. But why donЎЇt you say something? Tell me, my dear, what has happened? IЎЇve been longing for you like an angel of God. IЎЇve been all eyes watching for you. Come, will the villain abandon Natasha?Ў± ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД ҐС©`Ґ«©`

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