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Дата: 13.12.2013 г.
Комментарий оставлен : ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД Шњ‰Уµк
Комментарий: Ў°DonЎЇt you believe it!Ў± the mother interrupted. Ў°Delightful, indeed! You scribblers think every oneЎЇs delightful if only she wears petticoats. As for NatashaЎЇs speaking well of her, she does that in the generosity of her heart. She doesnЎЇt know how to control him; she forgives him everything, but she suffers herself. How often he has deceived her already. The cruel-hearted villains! IЎЇm simply terrified, Ivan Petrovitch! TheyЎЇre all demented with pride. If my good man would only humble himself, if he would forgive my poor darling and fetch her home! If only I could hug her, if I could look at her! Has she got thinner?Ў± ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД Шњ‰Уµк

Дата: 11.12.2013 г.
Комментарий оставлен : ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД ҐХ©`ҐЧҐЧҐм©`Ґу
Комментарий: Ў°You see how he is,Ў± said Anna Andreyevna, who had of late laid aside all her stiffness with me, and all her mistrust of me; Ў°thatЎЇs how he always is with me; and yet he knows we understand all his tricks. Why should he keep up a pretence with me? Am I a stranger to him? HeЎЇs just the same about his daughter. He might forgive her, you know, perhaps he even wants to forgive her. God knows! He cries at night, IЎЇve heard him. But he keeps up outwardly. HeЎЇs eaten up with pride. Ivan Petrovitch, my dear, tell me quick, where was he going?Ў± ҐЇҐнҐаҐП©`ҐД ҐХ©`ҐЧҐЧҐм©`Ґу

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